Hey there! I’m Katie Kowalsky, currently an undergraduate studying the amazing field of Cartography/GIS at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I love maps a lot and can talk for hours about them. Don’t be surprised if I actually do that. I try to write about cartography here, but for more information on me, check out my website or follow me on twitter.

I do other things besides the occasional map themed rant or lesson of course, here’s a nice list of things I also do:

  • Co-organizer of Maptime Madison, a collaborative learning group for map geeks (all experience levels most certainly welcome!)
  • Work at the UW Cartography Lab where I’m a production cartographer, hummus eater, and joke teller.
  • Social Media Director for NACIS, the official society of map nerds cartographers for North America (AKA I tweet for @NACIS)
  • Work as an IT consultant at a infamous college library where I point to things and turn computers on and off a lot
  • I participate in discussions about diversity in the tech world
  • Sometimes I sleep.

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